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Hi! I’m Tammy.

I’m a big fan of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, but to be quite honest, it’s not my strength yet! I’m slowly making my way toward a zero-waste, non-toxic life, but I’m a long way away. Join me on my adventure of building an eco-friendly life in Paris, France!

Slow movements toward an environmentally harmonious lifestyle

I’m an idealist at heart, aiming to create a just and equitable world for all the earth’s inhabitants. And I really do believe it’s possible for us to live in harmony with nature – and each other. It may mean a bit of economic de-growth and major lifestyle changes for the elite in wealthier countries, but a sustainable world is achievable!

At home, this means I dream of going to the sushi place with my own reusable metal containers just like Shia does! I love looking at her zero-waste grocery hauls on instagram.  It also means I use handkerchiefs instead of paper tissues, and we don’t buy paper towels anymore either. I bought a second hand yogurt maker (but I’ve never used it), and we have a no-brand Italian coffee maker to make coffee for our guests. I also created a map for myself of all the zero-waste, organic and unpackaged shops in Paris so that at anytime I can know where to shop. On the other hand, I often buy groceries out of convenience so most of my groceries come in lots of packaging, even the organic stuff. I haven’t set up my budget (or my busy schedule) to buy everything in bulk. We are terribly far from going zero-waste, but a girl can dream!


I’m a big fan of my adopted city and part of me never wants to leave. The parks, the buildings, the public transportation, the bike lanes, the monuments, the museums…!

As a visitor, Paris is romantic and mysterious but (to keep things totally honest…) as a resident of Paris I’ve discovered the rough edges and as an immigrant the adjustment period is anything but a walk in the park. All is not lost! In the end, all those challenges make for funny stories, like that one time I mistakenly served American coffee to my French in-laws, or that time I decided to take my new-to-me 5′ tall shelves through the metro… Yes, that was one of the sillier things I’ve done!

Another silly thing was how I ended up in Paris… It all began when I met Romain at a wedding in the south of France a few summers ago… 6 months later we were engaged, and only 8 months after meeting we were married. Soon after I finally moved to Paris to start a new life with him. What a whirlwind!

Now that I’m here, I’m living a double life: trying to keep my relationships strong with those back “home” and building a life here in Paris with my hubs.

Traveling here and there and everywhere

Romain and I do a fair amount of traveling in France and Europe, and I take a trip to the US every year to see  family and  friends. Romain is an architect and is passionate about visiting the notable architecture all over France and Europe, so he is always itching to go on a new adventure. He’s my inspiration for keeping our budget for travel low, all while maximizing our traveling schedule. It’s hard to rectify my desire to go zero-waste with my love for travel… Ideally I should buy carbon offsets for my flights, but I haven’t yet. We don’t own a car, so when my husband and I travel inside of France we either take the train or use the carpooling service, BlaBlaCar.

Join me as I navigate this new life abroad!

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