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Zero Waste, Organic, Unpackaged Shopping in Paris

November 23, 2017
Zero waste bulk shopping and map in Paris

This is the first English-only map of zero waste, organic, fair trade, and unpackaged shops in Paris!

I created this map because I wanted an English version of other great maps that are out there. Being an anglophone in France doesn’t mean you should feel lost finding zero-waste resources! I was inspired by two articles on the Paris To Go blog: one is a directory of zero waste bulk shopping in Paris, and the other is a list of Ariana’s favorite vintage stores.

I’ve had her list of shops for over a year now, but for some reason I couldn’t get to more than a few of them. Pushing myself to be more conscious about my purchases, I decided to spend the time and make myself a map. Well, that turned into a huge project, and something that seemed I could share with others.

If you’re very interested in this topic, please scroll down to learn more about my choices in creating the map, the limitations of such a map, and other French and English zero waste resources! I also welcome your comments and participations! You can use the comment form below or send me a private message on my contact page.   

Without further ado, here’s my map of zero waste, organic, fair trade, and unpackaged shops and resources in Paris!

How to use the map:

  • You can turn on and off different layers! That way it’s less overwhelming. Just click on the door icon in the top left corner of the dark grey bar at the top of the map and then scroll down to de-select the categories you don’t want to see.
  • To see a bigger version: click on the funny rectangle shape in the top right of the dark grey bar at the top of the map.
  • There is a legend for the icons! Scroll down this blog post to view a legend with an explanation of what the colored icons mean.
  • Each shop has a short description, an address and a link. When you click on an icon, you should see the full name and a brief description of the shop in the display window.
  • Save it to your phone.  (1) If you are using your phone to view this post, simply click on this link to open the Google Map. In that case, by opening it on your phone, you will have automatically added it to the maps list in your Google Maps smartphone application. (To find it again, press on those three horizontal bars in the search field, choose “My Places” and then “My Maps.”) Please contact me if you have trouble! (2) If you are on a device with a larger screen, in the map below, you can click the star next to the word “France” in the top grey bar to save the map to your own Google Maps profile. Then you can access it on the Google Maps smartphone App on your phone when you travel.

Food (Local, Seasonal, Organic, and/or Bulk)

  • Urban Farms in Paris Urban Farms
  • Local Seasonal Produce Shops in Paris Local, Seasonal Food Shops
  • Open Air Organic Markets in Paris Open Air Organic Only Market Stalls (ALL of the stalls sell organic food)
  • Open Air Markets in Paris Open Air Market Stalls (some stalls may have local and/or organic food)
  • Bulk grocers in Paris Bulk Grocers (Often have a lot of organic products. Food, personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Organic grocers in Paris Organic Grocers (Food, personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Covered Markets in Paris Indoor Market Stalls (some stalls may have local and/or organic food)
  • Bulk beer / Growler refills in Paris Bulk Beer (growler refills)
  • Bulk Specialty Food Stores in Paris Bulk Specialty Food Stores (i.e.: oils, herbs, chocolate…)
  • Bulk Tea Shops in Paris Bulk Tea
  • Bulk Wine and Liquors in Paris Bulk Wine and Liquor
  • Organic or Biodynamic Wines in Paris Organic, natural or biodynamic wines
  • Bulk Candy in Paris Bulk Candy (I have mixed feelings about including this because candy is not healthy, but here it is…)
  • Bulk honey and beeswax in Paris Bulk Honey and Beeswax

Services & DIY Workshops

  • Bicycle Repair Workshops in Paris Bicycle repair workshops
  • DIY Art Workshops in Paris Art workshops
  • DIY Personal Care Workshops in Paris DIY Personal Care Workshops
  • Repair Cafes in Paris Repair Cafe Workshops
  • Sustainable moving supplies in Paris Sustainable Moving Supplies

Secondhand Products: Clothing, accessories, home goods, etc.

  • Secondhand books in Paris Books & Book Donations *There are hundreds of used book stores all over Paris. Those listed here are exceptional shops and markets.
  • Secondhand bicycles in Paris Bicycles: Secondhand
  • Clothing rental in Paris Clothing Rentals
  • Secondhand and consignment clothing shops in Paris Clothing: Secondhand and Consignment Shops (women’s & mixed)
  • Children's clothing: secondhand and consignment in Paris Children’s Clothing: Secondhand and Consignment Shops
  • Secondhand Men's Clothing in Paris Men’s Clothing: Secondhand and Consignment Shops
  • Secondhand home goods in Paris Home Goods: Secondhand and Consignment

*Note: There are community-wide yard sales (aka tag sales, garage sales, flea markets) in Paris on a regular basis. They are called “vide greniers” or “brocantes” and the City of Paris lists the dates on their website (linked here).

New Products: zero-waste supplies, sustainable goods, fair trade, etc. 

  • Fair Trade Shops in Paris 100% Fair Trade Shops
  • New Bicycles - shops in Paris Bicycles (there are many many other bicycle shops, so this element of the map needs to be expanded).
  • Garden and flower supply shops in Paris Garden and Flowers Supply Shops *not necessarily organic or local!
  • Organic children and baby supplies Organic Baby and Children’s clothes, toys and accessories.
  • Organic and Fair Trade Clothing shops in Paris Organic and fair trade clothing
  • Sewing and fabric shops in Paris Sewing and Fabric Shops
  • Zero Waste supplies in Paris Shops: Zero Waste Supplies, Unpackaged Goods
  • Weekly art markets in Paris Weekly Art Markets

Personal Care Shops & Natural Remedies

  • Personal Care Shops (either with organic products and/or eco-friendly packaging)
  • Herbalist Natural Remedies Herbalists & Natural Remedies



This is a non-exhaustive list of zero waste, organic and unpackaged stores. There are many more shops than are on this map, and I welcome your additions! (Business owners, see below for details.)

It’s especially difficult to keep a map like this up to date, because new stores open every day and others close.  You’ll find the same to be true for the other maps and directories I mention below.  Please forgive me if things have changed, and please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below or on my contact page.

This list is not perfect. There are quite a few I’m sure I’ve missed, and I don’t include restaurants, organic bakers, the myriad of tea shops, or most of the makers-workshops in Paris, for example. (At least not yet!)

Then there’s the question of organic, but not-bulk. I have mixed feelings about including some of the organic personal care shops, because they aren’t necessarily zero waste or using environmentally friendly packaging. And what about the wine shops that sell biodynamic wine in single-use bottles? I’ve included some, but they are certainly not “zero waste” in the pure sense of the term.

An anglophone zero-waste starting point. As far as I can tell, this map is more “complete” than the other English options out there, because it includes clothing, linens, non-cleaning related home supplies, repair stores and a few other shops and services that help build a zero-waste lifestyle. However, my map is nowhere near as good as a couple of excellent French apps I’ve listed below.

The technology isn’t perfect. While Google Maps is an excellent tool, when adding each of the shops to the map, the addresses weren’t automatically included in the Google Maps smartphone App, so when you attempt to get directions to a store from the Google Maps App, it might require you to do a separate search for the name of the store! It’s a flaw that would take ~20 hours to fix for the entirety of the locations on the map.


Other Resources to Find Ethical, Sustainable and Zero Waste Stores in Paris:

In English:

In French:

  • map and shop locator app: I love this app because it includes organic, free trade, ethical and bulk shopping options. It has great descriptions of what you can find if you visit the store. It’s easy to use and has the most extensive list of related shops of all of the options I was able to find.  *IN FRENCH
  • Green Raid map and Yes We Can smartphone app: This is my second-favorite map & app because the information is so good and the map is easy to use. It’s a little funny, because the map includes places like gardens and art installations called “space invaders.” It’s not quite as easy to use as QQF, but it’s close.  *IN FRENCH
  • Pres de Chez Nous map: This is a great map with a lot of different types of businesses, and it’s fairly easy to use. *IN FRENCH
  • Le Marché Citoyen’s map: Like the Green Raid map, it has good information and lots of organic bakers, however the map itself is a little frustrating to use because of the way the coders designed certain features. *IN FRENCH
  • Official French Organic Label “Agence Bio” map: This map shows all the shops that sell items with the official French organic label. I find this map overwhelming to use because the icon is big and hard to localize. *IN FRENCH
  • Zero Waste for Life’s bulk store map: The focus here is on bulk shopping. This map indicates locations in Quebec, France and Spain. *IN FRENCH
  • ConsoVrac’s bulk store app: The app is easy to use, and I love the geo-localization feature, but there isn’t always a description of what the stores sell. This renders the app almost useless unfortunately.  *IN FRENCH
  • Zero Waste Paris’s collaborative map: I love this idea of a collaborative map, and the information is mostly up to date, but the platform that hosts the map is incredibly frustrating to use.  Zero Waste Paris is a wealth of information about going zero waste in Paris.  *IN FRENCH


Geeking out about maps

If you are a little geeky and can read French, and you want to look at even more zero waste maps, this Google doc has a whole list of maps throughout France. It was created by the folks who made the collaborative Zero Waste Paris map linked above. I found this really interesting to look at as I prepared my own map for English-speakers.


Vous êtes propriétaire d’un magasin à Paris et vous voudrez que votre magasin soit représenté sur cette carte pour les anglophones? 

Je serai contente d’ajouter les entreprises bio, éthique, et zéro déchets qui existent à Paris. N’hésitez-pas de m’écrire un message avec un lien vers votre site web ou votre page Facebook. Si vous avez une préférence pour la catégorie dans laquelle je mets votre magasin, vous pouvez également me l’indiquer dans votre message.   Vous pouvez cliquer ici pour accéder au formulaire pour me contacter. Je répondrai très vite par courriel! Vous pouvez m’écrire en français ou en anglais ou en espagnol.  (Si nécessaire, en allemand ou en italien aussi car mon mari les parle couramment!)

Last updated: December 2017

Shopping guide and map for zero waste, sustainable, fair trade and organic shops in Paris.


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  • Reply Phoebe December 7, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    What an amazing resource, it must have taken for ever to create, but I’m sure it’s going to be very helpful for people in the Paris region. Thanks also for the extensive list of other apps etc to find zero waste places other than in Paris. I’ll be sharing this around as much as I can! Thanks for linking it to #AllAboutFrance

    • Reply Tammy December 7, 2017 at 3:26 pm

      Hi Phoebe, So glad you found this helpful! What started as a personal project turned into something that could help a whole community. Thanks for any and all shares!!! I love the #AllAboutFrance linky!

  • Reply Carolyne December 7, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    What a project! It must have taken months to source the locations and then map them. Great work and a terrific resource.

    • Reply Tammy December 7, 2017 at 3:24 pm

      It took hours and hours and hours. A labor of love! Thank you for the compliments!

  • Reply Emily December 8, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    This is a brilliant resource. Now you need to come to Lyon and do one for me, please…! #AllAboutFrance

    • Reply Tammy January 8, 2018 at 8:18 am

      Emily, Sounds like a fun project! 😀 One thing that you have in Lyon that hasn’t expanded to Paris yet, is – I tried it out but nearly all of the businesses are in Lyon! I hope that helps you somehow! 🙂

  • Reply Rosie (@greenrosielife and @ecogiteslenault) January 31, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    Wow and what an absolutely amazing resource! I don’t suppose you fancy doing the same for Normandy do you??!!! I found your blog via Phoebe’s #AllABoutFrance link up and this post will get shared from both my Twitter pages etc – the one for my gite blog and the one for my green living blog – A Green and Rosie Life. I hope it’s also OK to mention that on the first Monday on every month I run the linky #GoingGreen and I would love it if you would like to link up this post. And thank you once again for all your hard work getting this resource published!

    • Reply Tammy January 31, 2018 at 7:23 pm

      Hi Rosie, So glad you like it! Oh, I’d love to join your #GoingGreen linky. Sounds fun! Thank you for the invitation!

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