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April in Paris: Photo Essay

May 6, 2016

So, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite photos from April. I’ve wanted to share more photos with you on the blog, but I hadn’t really figured out in what context or whatnot.

It seems like a set of photos from the previous month is going to be my regular norm. So, here’s a random set of photos from my wanderings around Paris in April!

Some of the photos are self-explanitory, and others have captions to explain the significance.

It’s been a beautiful month, and I’m excited to share the awesomeness with you. 🙂


On April 1st the Parisian Metro played a fabulous April fools joke on everyone.

At several stops around town, they swapped some of the signs in the stations that were word plays on the names of the stations. For example, at “4 September” they changed it to “1 Avril.” And at “Opéra” they changed the name to “Apéro” which means “happy hour!”

I was happily exploring the city with my husband Romain, my friend David and his friend Aurelie. It was a delightful weekend!

Paris-Spring-2016 Metro

Paris-Spring-2016 metro


Can you see the Iron Lady on the left? 😉

Paris-Spring-2016 Eiffel Tower Sunset


Beautiful fountain at the southern most point of Luxembourg Gardens.

Paris-Spring-2016 Luxembourg Gardens


From inside the pyramid at the Louvre.

Did you know there’s a mall down there to go shopping?!

Paris-Spring-2016 Louvre


On April 11th, my husband Romain and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

We both had long work days, so we met at Notre Dame Cathedral – where he had proposed to me in 2014.

Paris-Spring-2016 Notre Dame

The spot where he proposed is called “Point Zero.”

It’s the zero miletone in France. Every country has one. (DC’s milestone is in one of the gardens directly south of the White House.) The zero milestone is the spot from which all distances to the capital are measured.

It’s important to me, because when I came to Paris for a 10-day trip in high school, our tour guide told us that if we stood on the spot, we’d have the luck to come back to Paris. I have always made a point to stand on that spot. Knowing this, Romain chose the spot for his proposal!

Paris-Spring-2016 Notre Dame

Secretly, I brought our vows that we said to each other during our wedding ceremony, and I asked him if we could read them to each other. He agreed, and I have to say… It felt SO romantic!

Paris-Spring-2016 First Wedding Anniversary

We walked past the City Hall after reading our vows. It’s such a pretty building!

Paris-Spring-2016 City Hall

Dinner that night was at Chartier, a historic restaurant on rue Faubourg Montmartre.

Romain surprised me with lunch here the week of our engagement. It’s a restaurant that I have fond memories of from a trip to Paris with my parents at the end of my high school year abroad.

The escargot are delicious here. But don’t order the chicken, it’s rather bland. The steak au poivre was pretty good, as was the shrimp and avocado appetizer.

It was a really lovely way to celebrate our anniversary. 🙂

Paris-Spring-2016 Chartier


Parc de Sceaux

I get to travel to the suburbs around Paris for work, and sometimes I’m down near Antony, where we used to live. The beautiful Parc de Sceaux is where we had our wedding photos taken, and it’s just south of Paris on the RER B. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Paris-Spring-2016 Parc de Sceaux

Since it was April, I thought maybe the cherry trees at the Parc de Sceaux would be in blossom, but I was just a little too early.

Paris-Spring-2016 Cherry Blossoms at the Parc de Sceaux


Wandering around Paris

Sometimes I have down time between my teaching engagements, and I love to explore Paris in those moments.

One day I wandered down a cute and mysterious alley somewhere in Paris to find an adorable café.

Paris-Spring-2016 Cafe


Our Tiny Apartment

In April I continued to fix up the house after the move. One of my projects has been to install hooks in the entry. We still don’t have all the hooks up, but at least we’ve got the coat hook, the shoe shelf and the stool! Progress!

These photos are from Snapchat, where I share the most. You can find me on the app by using the snapcode on the right sidebar of this website or by searching my username: bonjouradventur (no “e” at the end). I mostly share photos of Paris, but sometimes I share little stories about what’s happening in my life.

Paris-Spring-2016 Tiny Apartment
Paris-Spring-2016 Tiny Apartment


Back to the Parc de Sceaux!

A week later, I returned to the Parc de Sceaux to see the cherry trees in full blossom. It was stunning! I was lucky and had an unusual break in my schedule, so I had a quiet picnic under the trees.

Paris-Spring-2016 Cherry Blossoms at the Parc de Sceaux

Paris-Spring-2016 Picnic at the Parc de Sceaux

Paris-Spring-2016 Cherry Blossoms in the Parc de Sceaux


The architecture in Paris continues to amaze me.

Paris-Spring-2016 Paris Architecture


I make this quick quiche All The Time!

I make quiche now on a regular basis, but it’s not usually this puffy! LOL  My French host sister taught me this simple recipe, and I’ve had really positive reviews when I serve it to folks. 🙂

Paris-Spring-2016 Quiche recipe


The Weather in Paris

It’s been COLD! Oh my goodness. When is spring coming???

Paris-Spring-2016 Gare de Lyon


Pretty doors are everywhere in this city!

Paris-Spring-2016 Door


Traveling Around Paris

I spend an average of 3 hours commuting every day… I walk up and down the metro stairs all day to get to my lessons. If possible, I prefer the bus, because there are no stairs!

Paris-Spring-2016 subway metro Nation

Paris-Spring-2016 subway metro Nation


Just in love with this city!

Paris-Spring-2016 architecture


On Life in Paris…

I recently took advantage of the awesome free delivery option at my local grocery store. If you buy more than 80 euros of goods, they’ll deliver it within 3 hours.

Paris-Spring-2016 Free grocery delivery

My groceries and somebody else’s groceries ready for delivery.

Paris-Spring-2016 free grocery delivery

Delivered! That was the best grocery shopping experience ever.

Paris-Spring-2016 free grocery delivery


Café culture is alive and well in Paris!

I thought this patio with the marble table and wicker chairs just looked so classic.

Paris-Spring-2016 cafe


Rue Montorgueil

One of my favorite places to walk and people watch is at the Rue Montorgueil. It’s a pedestrian street with lots of shops and restaurants. I found this cute café and sat outside on the terrace with a glass of Medoc. It was so relaxing.

Paris-Spring-2016 cafe terrace

Paris-Spring-2016 cafe red wine


Hector Guimard’s metro entrances are my favorite.

Not all of the metro signs look the same, but this one is so classic in the evening light.

Paris-Spring-2016 Alphonse Mucha


Romain and I ended April with a date night at Montmartre.

The sunset was beautiful.

Paris-Spring-2016 Montmartre Sacre Coeur

Watching the sunset from Montmartre is one of my favorite things to do. In the summer, there is often a live musician who plays for the folks watching the sunset. It’s a really great environment. (The only downside is the group of people trying to sell you beer. They’re pretty annoying!)

Paris-Spring-2016 Sunset from Sacre Coeur

Paris-Spring-2016 Sacre Coeur Montmartre

All in all, April was pretty fantastic. 😀

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  • Reply Claire May 6, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    Looks like you had a great month of April! Congrats again on celebrating your one year anniversary. Ours is coming up in June and I’m still shocked how fast this year has gone. 🙂

    • Reply Tammy May 7, 2016 at 10:58 pm

      Claire, thank you! The year has gone by so fast!! I hope you come up with a great way to celebrate!

  • Reply Alicia-Joy Pierre April 7, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Nice! I’ve heard that spring is the best time to visit Paris. Your pics seem to agree :). It’s April (2017) now, so I guess congratulations are in order. Happy Anniversary! You two look so cute. This is a dream story. Excited to follow along.

    • Reply Tammy April 12, 2017 at 7:55 pm

      Thank you Alicia!! You are completely right. It was our anniversary this week! We had fun roaming around Paris pretending to be tourists and taking lots of pictures. Spring is a fantastic time to visit Paris. It might be a bit chilly, but the cherry blossom trees are so lovely and the sun coming out makes everything feel nice. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather of May…

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