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Bonjour Adventure: one woman traveling and eating her way around FranceHi! I’m Tammy, an American woman living in Paris.

I met my husband at a wedding in the south of France and within 6 months we were engaged, and within 8 months we were married.

It was a whirlwind upending my life in Baltimore, Maryland and moving to Paris, but what is life without adventure and excitement?!

Inspired to grow old without regrets, I’ve ruthlessly changed my life to live in the most beautiful city on the planet with the man who is just perfect for me.

Adapting to life without a car, to unfamiliar French customs, to life as a married couple, to a working life in Paris, to a country that doesn’t share my customs… These changes have all been challenges that I’ve  faced since arriving.

Through this blog, I’ll share my tips and ideas for international travel, thoughts on life as an expat (a person living outside of their home country), delicious recipes, and stories about me and my life here in Paris.

I’m a person who loves architecture, historic places, natural wonders, contemporary art, yoga, mindfulness, being frugal, saving money, hosting parties, traveling, babies, personal health, and environmental sustainability. I’m a trained language instructor, having taught French, Spanish and English, and I currently teach business English to professionals in and around Paris. I was a nonprofit program manager for six years in the US working on communications, fair housing advocacy, and civic education for adults.

Join me as I navigate Paris and the French culture, and embark on building a life and family abroad!


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