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Bonjour Adventure: I'm an American woman married to a Frenchie, teaching English, exploring Paris, eating baguettes, and traveling around Europe every chance I get. Hi! I’m Tammy, an American woman living in Paris.

I met my (French) husband at a wedding in the south of France and within 6 months we were engaged, and within 8 months we were married!

It was a whirlwind leaving my life in Baltimore, Maryland and moving to Paris, but what is life without adventure and excitement?! Now that I’m here, I’m loving my new life, though I’ll always feel (too) far from my family and friends back in the States.

I love traveling, creative food, architecture, natural wonders, contemporary art, mindfulness, being frugal, hosting parties, babies, personal health, social justice and environmental sustainability. I currently teach business English to professionals, and in my past I worked as a nonprofit program director in social justice organizations.

My husband is an architect and is passionate about visiting the notable architecture all over France and Europe. He’s my inspiration for keeping our budget for travel low, all while maximizing our traveling schedule!  He also introduced me to the carpooling service, BlaBlaCar, and that has been a real lifesaver when it comes to low-cost travel in France!

Through this blog, I’ll share my tips for visiting Paris, tips and ideas for international travel, funny things about French culture, delicious recipes, and stories about life here in Paris.

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I also give customized personal tours of Paris!

Would you like me to teach you how to use the métro, or simply be your guide for a day in Paris? I would be thrilled to take you around town for a day! Take your eyes off of the map, and lay them on the gorgeous architecture and historic sites! Let me customize a tour that works for your schedule and your budget. Learn more here.

Join me as I navigate Paris and the French culture, and embark on building a life and family abroad!

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